Tab 8 le

Ultra-compact tablet thiết kế with minimal screen bezel. 8” HD display with high strength glass and Eye Comfort Mode. Dual speakers provide crisp, clear sound ideal for entertainment on the go. 2.0 GHz Quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM for fast performance and multi-tasking. Up to lớn 32GB of internal memory, expandable up khổng lồ 512GB via MicroSD™ card1 . Robust 4080mAh battery supports up to 10.5 hrs of đoạn phim playback2. Runs on Android™ 12. Perfect for on-the-go entertainment with 4G connectivity.


The TAB 8 LE is the perfect ultra-compact tablet for staying connected at home and on the go. The convenient sized tablet comes packed with an 8" HD display, Quad-core processor & an all-day 4080mAh battery. Get crisp, clear sound with dual stereo speakers and save more of what you love with 32GB internal storage, expandable up to 512GB with micoSD™ card1. The 5MP front and rear cameras can record đoạn clip and take beautiful photos in stunning clarity.

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The vibrant 8” HD display and Eye Comfort modes make it possible to lớn watch videos, play games, và do work on the go, reducing xanh light & adjusting the color temperature for an eye strain-free experience.


The dedicated Reading Mode makes this a wonderful traveling companion for avid readers, imitating physical books và automatically adapts the brightness và contrast of the display khổng lồ the current lighting conditions.


At under 11oz, the slim screen bezel with ultra-compact design & high strength glass that’s resistant to lớn scratches và dings make TAB 8 LE the perfect tablet companion for the whole family.


Equipped with a 2.0GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM for fast response and a smooth operation. Internal user storage of up to 32GB is expandable by up to lớn 512GB via a microSDTM card2, making the TAB 8 LE both compact and powerful.

Loaded with Android™ 12 so you can get the most from your device. Save time with suggested responses, recommended actions, & more intuitive gestures.

The 4080mAh battery will last all day & keep up with the whole family with up to lớn 50 days of stand by battery life, & up khổng lồ 10.5 hours of clip playback.3

The Smart Manager & Battery Saver modes help keep tabs on your battery"s health so you can stream, play, và surf for longer.

Get a full charge in under 3.5 hours with the included charger và USB Type-C cable that charging makes the tablet easy for anyone lớn plug in và charge up.

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Take stunning images và HD đoạn clip with the 5MP rear camera & stay in touch with loved ones via clip chats và selfies using the 5MP front camera.

The enjoyment of listening khổng lồ music or having a conversation with relatives is enhanced by the amplified dual speakers, which create an audio experience that is more immersive and full.

(LTE)GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

(3G)UMTS: 2/4/5

Mobile Hotspot


Headset Jack Size

1 Screen-to-body ratio calculated with VA/TP method.

2 MicroSD card sold separately 

3 Battery life & charge cycles vary with use, settings, và other factors; actual results may vary. is a registered trademark of giải pháp công nghệ Group Corporation.

* All data is subject to lớn actual usage


Actual hàng hóa features & specifications (including but not limited to lớn appearance, màu sắc and size), as well as actual display contents (including but not limited khổng lồ backgrounds, interface và icons) may vary by country. Please consult the point of sale for further information.


The hàng hóa pictures shown are for reference only. The images shown on the display screen are simulated & for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.

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