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App NameNinja School Online
Latest Version1.4.3
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UpdateAugust 11, 2022 (9 months ago)

If you are a role-playing trò chơi lover, you cannot miss the trò chơi Ninja School mod APK, which is a role-playing trò chơi that has been glorious throughout the childhood of generations 8x, 9x, ninja School Mod app android is the perfect choice for you.

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About ninja School

What is nin-ja School?

Ninja school is released by TEAMOBI, young people are extremely popular with the game Ninja School thủ thuật APK. You will play the role of a teenager, starting from a practicing ninja và going to a nin-ja training school you will become a real ninja from the tasks assigned by the assistant.


How lớn play nin-ja School?


Players will learn nin-ja skills such as darts, archery, hiding and practice lessons to lớn destroy youkai, challenge players.


Assigned by the sidekick, each mission completed will help your character grow & stronger. Each day"s mission has different difficulty & ease to lớn suit your character.


In the trò chơi Ninja School Mod game android there are many weapons to lớn create unique chơi game such as knives, bows, swords, swords, fans, darts, in which there are two different types of weapons such as bows, fans & darts are long-range weapons, the rest are melee weapons, in return, long-range weapons have poor defense.

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Where players will fight monsters in increasing numbers, the later the difficulty increases, depending on your strength, the higher the difficulty, the more valuable the vật phẩm you get.


GamePlay ninja School gian lận APK

Since the trò chơi Ninja School launched, there have been many different hacks such as the ninja School Mod android is a hack with a lot of attractive features. Help players have an unforgettable experience, here are the features of nin-ja School gian lận APK.


Graphics và sound

The graphics are in the style of the old days, making players feel lượt thích they are playing a genuine ninja. Flying movements, fighting monsters, effects of many different skills are also meticulously done by the publisher TEAMOBI.


Each school in the game will have different music, bringing a new feeling khổng lồ the player. Each melody in the song will have its own meaning when combined with the scene in the Game.


Download nin-ja School Mod app android for Android

Ninja School Mod game android will help you have interesting features that the ninja School version does not have. Tải về now ninja School Mod game android to experience as ninja Dash Run mod and Takashi ninja Warrior mod