How to get unlimited google drive storage lifetime for education users/students free


How lớn get unlimited Google storage? Here you can follow a step-by-step guide to lớn obtain unlimited space freely. Scroll down to learn 3 more tips about this topic.

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By Jonna

/ Last Updated February 1, 2023

Why vì You Need Cloud Backup?

Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due lớn local accidents?Backup all your data khổng lồ the cloud offsite, never thất bại data and recover them from anyPC.

Eliminate all your concerns with the Best Cloud Backup service -


Is Google Drive Unlimited Storage?

As we all know, every Google trương mục has 15GB of miễn phí initial storage space. Previously Google Photos unlimited storagewas a big plus for photo storing. However, any new photos or videos uploaded to lớn Google Photos currently will count towards the 15GB of không tính tiền cloud storage on Google Drive as well.

And for the Google Education accounts, unlimited space will be eliminated from July 2022 and replaced with a requirement that all universities and colleges share 100 TB, which is the maximum amount of storage space for the entire university"s cloud set. If the university wants khổng lồ expand it, it must pay for an additional trăng tròn GB per license.

All in all, for most Google accounts, Google no longer provides them with unlimited storage. For Google student accounts or education accounts, Google also stated that it will stop unlimited storage space in the near future.


Notes:✎...If you are using a Google px 5 device or earlier, you can still back up photos và videos in Storage saver chất lượng (previously named High quality) with unlimited storage at no cost.

How lớn get Unlimited Google Storage for Free

Based on the above information, is it impossible khổng lồ get unlimited storagefor common Google Drive users? Don"t worry, you can work it out by merging accounts. Specifically, you can merge multiple Google Drive accounts, or combine different cloud storage accounts, like Google Drive accounts, OneDrive accounts, Dropbox accounts lớn obtain unlimited storage space. In this way, you can make the most use of all your cloud storage và getfree unlimited Google Drive storageeasily.


How khổng lồ Merge Multiple Accounts to Unlimited Storage a fantastic cloud combination tool that allows you to showroom unlimited cloud accounts & merge various cloud drives into huge, even unlimited storage. Although it specializes in cloud backup, it does an excellent job in combining clouds. The key & stunning features of are listed below.

High security: is based on the OAuth industry system, an open standard for access delegation. With it, only accesses cloud data on corresponding websites with the authorization of users without saving the login messages.

Cloud to cloud backup: In addition to lớn backup PC files to lớn cloud, enables you to lớn backup stuff from one cloud to lớn anotherwithout downloading & uploading. For example, you can backup Dropbox khổng lồ Google Driveeasily.

Flexible schedule backup: offers 4 different backup modes, including One time only, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly. You can choose the most suitable one according khổng lồ your needs.

Now, tải về this professional service to get unlimited Google Drive storagefor free:

Step 1. You should apply for a accountforemost. Launch the software on your computer, và sign in lớn it.


Step 2. On the Storagetab screen, you can choose Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, as long as you have the trương mục credentials & want to combine them together. Then, you should click Authorize Now to grant and connect with your cloud drive data.

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★Tip:Since only one trương mục can be added at a time, you can repeat this step to showroom multiple accounts from different cloud drives.

Step 3. After that, hit the Storagetab on the left panel, & select the Add Combined Cloudoption.


Step 4. Modify the name of the combined cloud if you want to distinguish it. Then, tick all the checkboxesnext to these cloud accounts you added, click the Next button, và then Combine.


Then, you will see the miễn phí huge, or unlimited storage for Google photosin the cloud list. You can backup Windows to Google combined cloud with via the following steps:

Step 1. Click the Backup position and hit Backup PC to Combined Cloud.


Step 2. Customize the backup task name (Optional). Locate the local directory khổng lồ select files for backup. Finally, click on Start Backup to backup Windows to Google Driveeasily.


Frequently Asked Questions about Google Unlimited Space

The three questions below are most relevant to unlimited Google storage. Hope they can be helpful lớn you.

#1. How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Students

For students, you can be given unlimited storage by using a G Suite for Education account, usually provided through your school.

★Tip:It is important for students to lưu ý that once you graduate from your school, you need khổng lồ migrate the content that you store lớn the Google student tài khoản as soon as possible. If not, the nội dung may be deleted permanently.

#2. Is Google Unlimited Storage Actually Unlimited?

Judging from Google’s announcement, so far, Google does not appear to lớn provide unlimited storage except for the Edu GSuite account. If you do not have a Google education account, you can get more space by upgrading your packages. Here is the detailed list:


#3. How Much Is Google Unlimited Storage?

As mentioned above, khổng lồ get unlimited storage space, you need lớn sign up for a G Suite trương mục rather than using a standard Google Account.

The Google unlimited storage price for Business G Suite accounts costs $12 per user per month with at least 5 users. If there are fewer than 5 users, it comes with 1TB of storage space for each user.


This page introduces an easy way lớn get unlimited Google storage for lifetimeand 3 tips about unlimited space that may be useful to lớn you. You can rely on the không tính tiền and professional cloud backup solution,, to achieve unlimited cloud space.

Besides, with it, you can flexibly choose khổng lồ get Google Drive tự động hóa backup foldersor files & migrate data between clouds with ease. Download and try anyway, it won’t let you down.