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That"s the best way to describe the new HP entry cấp độ business notebook. A new case design, solid construction, và up-to-date hardware, as well as a 15.6 inch display, are the most important prerequisites. Is the HP ProBook 4530s with a price tag of around 700 Euros (RRP) also good value for money?

We were already able to take a closer look at the 2011 HP business series notebooks at a press event in March. Among these was also the HP ProBook 4530s with a matte 15.6 inch display (1366 x 768 pixels) & a new case design. Along with the dominant application of brushed aluminum surfaces, a simple choice of colors provides for a modern appearance. Compared khổng lồ its predecessors all the surfaces have now been kept matte.

With an Intel vi xử lý core i3-2310M (2.1 GHz), & an integrated intel GMA HD 3000 graphics card, as well as a 320 GByte hard drive, và 4 GBytes of DDR3 RAM, we were able to demo the new low cost HP ProBook 4530s-XX968EA model. It is worth mentioning that HP is currently providing four models with different components. Along with different operating systems, there are also various intel Sandy Bridge CPUs (maximum: Intel core i7-2620M), a high resolution display, UMTS, and for example a Blu-ray burner available for selection.

A glance at the HP mã sản phẩm description shows that the "s" in the name stands for shorter platform cycles of between 9 and 12 months, và only provides a 12 months warranty from purchase. On the other hand the price range can be kept within a range of between 700 to lớn 800 Euros. With Linux OS & a watered down configuration prices from 450 Euros are possible in the business class.



The first impression counts! The HP ProBook 4530s is the first model with the new case being reviewed by us. The simple choice of colors, và the aluminum surfaces paired with a decent application of varnish, as well as the high quality feel, make a good impression straight away. HP themselves refer lớn a robust and long lasting kiến thiết in their advertising. The addition of aluminum is not a miracle though, but fingerprints, dust, và scratches from daily use don"t stand a chance. What is pleasing is the fact that the base behind the keyboard now also has a matte surface. With its predecessor this was also one of the areas of criticism, which didn"t quite fit into the picture.

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The manufacturing quality leaves a solid impression, and we were also not able to lớn find any shortcomings when looking in detail. On the other hand the case is primarily composed of simple plastic, which is not very robust in comparison. Business notebooks in the upper price segments are able lớn lift the standard with high quality metal alloys, và other qualitative materials. With respect to stability there are no grounds for criticism. Even localized pressure doesn"t lead to any significant bending. Merely the mesh grid above the keyboard is a bit soft, and dents quite easily. The display lid can be bent considerably, whereby the aluminum surface keeps this within limits, và thus prevents possible damage lớn the display. A positive aspect is the pressure resistance of the lid. The lid is held in place by two massive hinges, which hold the display firmly, & only wobble very little. What should be noted: Despite their appearance the hinges are not constructed completely out of metal. The plastic is merely covered by a panel.

Also the bottom of the case has changed for the better. Via a large maintenance panel, which is held in place by two screws underneath the battery, more or less the whole of the inside area can be accessed. According khổng lồ HP"s website the maximum RAM that can be installed is 8 GBytes across two sockets. The 2.5 inch hard drive is located at the front, và changing this for a faster alternative could be completed quickly.

The interfaces provided by the 4530s make a good impression. Along with the currently usual three USB 2.0 ports, và one HDMI & VGA output, there is also a ExpressCard 34 slot, as well as a USB 3.0 port available, which can be recognized by the description "Super Speed". Compared to lớn its predecessor the current mã sản phẩm doesn"t have an eSATA combo-port, and thus has two interfaces less (eSATA & a further USB 3.0 port). In its place there is only one RJ-11 socket, which are very rare nowadays.

The distribution of the ports is unfortunately limited khổng lồ the sides of the notebook, whereby there is a tendency for the interfaces khổng lồ be located towards the front. Along with the quick build up of cables, there is also potential for a possible impediment for using a mouse. A further area of criticism is the low position of the slot for expansion cards (ExpressCard 34). Many such cards block the use of the two USB ports, as well as the HDMI đầu ra on the left side of the device.