Anger of stick 5 : zombie for android

- is an addictive game where your objective is khổng lồ help a stickman make his way through various levels by killing off his

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This trò chơi has attractive 2d graphics combined with simple and intuitive places you in various levels where you have khổng lồ beat any that stands in your way. To vị so, all you have to do is tap on the arrows to go forward or back, plus the action buttons lớn attack your can also join games together with three other for more fights.

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One of the of this trò chơi is that, like other games from this franchise, you can collect various weapons lớn use in your favor.In, you have more & more fun as you beat levels và unlock new weapons & to help you fight. The fights return with new and exciting possibilities, like zombie mode & transforming into superheroes.

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Feb 15th, 2022
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