Although it has been upgraded in many respects, the MSI GL62M 7RDX still features the GL product line that most people who are used khổng lồ it will recognize. The case is a metal frame that is paired with plastic parts và covered with velvet. This kiến thiết looks luxurious và quite durable, but unfortunately, this shell is quite easy to grip and sweat, if the user sweat a lot will have to lớn consider if you vì chưng not want lớn affect the beauty of the machine.

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The biggest difference in the kiến thiết of the MSI GL62M 7RD is the rear edge. In addition to upgrading from one up khổng lồ two 6-copper heatpipes, MSI styled the system with red lines, which made the machine look more eye-catching & more playable.

The front of the GL62M has a slight shift in the LED system, from long leds to three leds that are small & easy to lớn see. Besides two pairs of stereo speakers without any change in position, MSI also provides the GL62M with a subwoofer khổng lồ enhance the sound quality, which is not called strength on previous GL products.

The bottom look is quite sophisticated with 7 brackets, of which four mains are attached rubber to lớn reduce the friction when the user put the machine on the surface is tilt, easy lớn slip.

From here, it is easy khổng lồ see six gold bronze coils inside the machine. RAM slots or PCI-E slots for SSDs are also easily recognized.

The lid is still simple with the MSI logo, especially, in this version of MSI has overcome the defect of the screen center is not shielded on the old generation. The center part of the screen has become more rigid, as the curvature is not as large as it was before and does not affect the user. To do this, MSI has squeezed all components, including the bezel & the screen. Although it will make the shoe screen part a bit more but the GL62M will get the certainty needed.

The screen is mounted to lớn the body toàn thân via a characteristic double hinge. Under normal conditions, the hinges are not difficult, but when moving the máy vi tính or touching the screen with the hand, there is still shaking, not really sure This is the common weakness of most The máy tính uses a double hinge, which has not been remedied thoroughly.

In order lớn have a highly configurable gaming product, the thing that has khổng lồ be hit the most is the front of the product. The MSI GL62M, too, has a specific length of 383 mm, a width of 260 mm & a thickness of 29 mm, which weighs 2.4 kg. This is a pretty basic parameter of a mid-range gaming laptop, not too thick và still have high mobility for gamers.

On the GL62, MSI removed the card đồ họa connector as well as the outdated optical drive. In return, the machine is equipped with a number of new connections, ensuring user versatility.

Monitor & sound

The MSI GL62M is equipped with a 15.6-inch full-HD display (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) & uses IPS panels. Basically, this screen gives a decent display quality, sharp images, fresh colors and quite vibrant enough khổng lồ satisfy the needs of entertainment or gaming. However, it still has a downside is that the image has a slight rejection of the degree of indistinctness, the angle of view is not good & the image is blurred và wrong màu sắc when looking in the wrong direction.

In return, the machine is equipped with Anti-Glare anti-glare coatings và high brightness for outdoor display or strong light environment are quite good, the angle of view also from that improved (178 degrees) .

Sound chất lượng on the MSI GL62M is quite good, sound is loud and clear, treble is high, lots of detail. However, the built-in subwoofer does not show much, the bass feel is still weak, the sound đầu ra is not really strong và difficult to lớn satisfy users with difficult ears.

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The sound advantage is that the Nahimic 2 system offers a better audio experience with the ability to lớn customize the sound for each purpose.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard is the strength of the MSI laptop when it has been working with SteelSeries to bring the best typing experience for customers. The GL62M is no exception, with a keyboard-style keyboard layout that gives the user a relatively relaxed typing experience due to a deep key, good swellings, & a reasonable key distance. There is no typing or typing error when composing text for a long time.

In addition, the MSI GL62M is equipped with red LED backlight that is identical khổng lồ the color of the product. Although there is only one led with 3 different brightness levels, this is still a bright tăng cấp compared to lớn the old MSI GL.

The MSI GL62M’s TouchPad is finished with plastic, yet the feel of the surface is very comfortable due to lớn its low friction. Multitasking, zooming are all done fairly easily on this surface.

In addition, MSI also donated to users of genuine gaming mouse. Preliminary experience, the size of the mouse, hand held pretty & compact, easy lớn moderate weight. Although not as good as the dedicated gaming mouse, MSI products still have the ability lớn meet the needs of FPS, MOBA gaming … The mouse also integrated two navigation system on the left edge. , While the DPI-only keys are placed close lớn the rollers.


The MSI GL62M 7RDX version is being rated as having the most advanced configuration with an Intel core i7 – 7700HQ CPU, GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, 1TB 7200rpm HDD, và 8GB DDR4 RAM. Unfortunately, the GL62M has no built-in SSD, but with the built-in M.2 slot, gamers can choose to upgrade to enhance the experience. The MSI GL62M is considered to be the start of a current gaming laptop, configured to lớn play all graphical games as well as good work & play support. Although speed is not impressive by SSD but it is enough to lớn meet the needs of users.

At the MSI GL62M’s performance and performance tests with dedicated benchmarking software, the machines scored fairly well and did not differ much from the same segmented products. Specifically, the machine reached more than 3,500 points PC Mark 8 và more than 3,800 points when tested with PC Mark 7.

The machine also scored 93.82 fps OpenGL points và 727 cpu CPU scores when tested with the Cinebench R25.

About graphics processing capabilities, the GL62M reached 106,552 IceStorm points và more than 16,000 SkyDriver points. This is an easy lớn understand result because all gaming laptops require high graphics performance.

Battery life and heat dissipation capability

Although equipped with 6 cell battery, but the battery life of the MSI GL62M just stopped quite good. Experimenting with basic tasks lượt thích surfing the web, watching Youtube và using Facebook at office temperature, một nửa brightness, within an hour the battery dropped by about 27%. In the test video playback full-HD playback continuously (80% brightness, 80% volume, use headphones instead of external speakers) until 10%, this time lớn 2 hours 07 minutes.

In return, the machine is very good heat dissipation thanks to lớn the two-blade system & six thermal conductors called Cooler Booster 4. With the test burn performance with software FurMark, the maximum temperature of the machine only 67 degrees C, with the condition of Cooler Boost, this is a good result for a high performance gaming laptop.

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Still carrying on the traditional beauty of the MSI gaming laptops, the GL62M 7RDX is now more appealing with many bright upgrades, powerful performance & easy access. However, there are still some downsides that manufacturers need lớn improve if they want to lớn satisfy the most demanding customers.